Abbie Herbert is Mother of the Year


10/25/20222 min read

Josh and Abbie Herbert grew the majority of their following on and through TikTok. Both, however, have a huge following for a good reason: Josh is shorter than Abbie! No, really, that's their claim to fame. Abbie calls Josh her "Short King," which is fitting because she is the "Curated Imperfection Queen." (If you want to read about curated imperfection, I talk about it a lot here.) This is what makes them so unique. Having a husband that is 4.0' is apparently worthy of 50+M followers. Unfortunately for me, and probably one of the biggest reasons I am so against family vloggers now, is because she was one of the first I stumbled across. (I know I was behind in the game, but I caught up quickly.)

As "Queen of Curated Imperfection," she ensures that her followers know she's just like them. Like when she danced so funny at a concert one time when she totally had no idea the camera was on her. Or that time she posted a clip of herself naked 9-months pregnant with her husband wearing black latex gloves staring at her downstairs as she lay spread wide eagle on the bed. For those of us that have had cesareans, we can relate, right? Oh, you didn't do a phony lewd photo right before you went into surgery? Me neither, actually. Or when she hit her daughter, who is not quite 2 years old, purposely in the face by swinging a camera around as another camera recorded them dancing. Hilarious, right? The best part of that video is when she laughed and looked right at the camera as her daughter cried. (Or maybe it was right before she hit her in the face and made a tiny little evil smile.) Or those pranks she does on her husband that are totally not at all planned and SO RELATABLE, just like me and my husband. Except my husband doesn't do phony prank videos that give me some serious second-hand embarrassment that make me want to crawl under the table and hide.

Another thing that makes both of them so unique is not knowing which one has the bigger ego. Josh and Abbie both seem to want all the attention to be on them. It's hard to figure out which one to hate I mean love more. When not showing off their daughter's behind in diaper promotions, they're just like the rest of us: making fake videos and exploiting their children. (Oh, oops. I guess maybe THAT is the one thing that makes them unique.)

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